A campaign is a one-on-one partnership between Green Pea Press and someone who desires to design and sell t-shirts for profit. Green Pea Press facilitates the printing and selling of the shirts by providing an online platform for people to place orders, with a shareable link for promoting sales. The campaign lasts a specific period of time, which you decide. In this time, the seller is encouraged to advertise to their community in order to sell at least 24 shirts. At the end of their campaign, Green Pea Press will fulfill the orders and pay the seller their portion of the profits.


Step: 1

To set up a campaign, fill out the form. This will show us your vision for your campaign.

Screenshot 2017-07-12 15.33.33.png

Step: 2

Send us the design for your campaign. If you do not know how to create a design, you can hire us to design it for you.

Step: 3

Come to Green Pea Press at the Screen Shop location in Huntsville to meet us face-to-face and finalize the campaign process. This step is crucial, allowing you to choose your products, as well as begin a one-on-one relationship with us.

Step: 4

After your campaign is finalized, allow 48 hours for us to create your campaign page. We will then send you a link to your campaign.

Step: 5

Tell your community about your campaign in order to get your items sold.

Step: 6

Once the campaign ends and at least 24 shirts have been sold, we will print your shirts, fulfill the orders, and send you a check!