An online campaign is a one-on-one partnership with Green Pea Press to sell t-shirts for profit.

Why create a campaign through Green Pea Press?

  • No up-front cost--if your campaign does well, you earn money; if it fails, you don't lose anything!
  • No wasted money on leftover shirts--we print only what is ordered.
  • Less work for you--we handle the point-of-sale, printing, and fulfilling of orders.
  • In partnering with a local business rather than an online company, you receive one-on-one personal service and accountability that's just not available through a computer. You are also supporting a small family-owned business in your own community.

We are excited for this new opportunity to work with you!


Step: 1

To set up a campaign, fill out the form. This will show us your vision for your campaign.

Screenshot 2017-07-12 15.33.33.png

Step: 2

Send us the design for your campaign. If you do not know how to create a design, you can hire us to design it for you.

Step: 3

Come to the Green Pea Press Screen Shop location to meet us face-to-face and finalize the campaign process. This step is crucial, allowing you to choose your products in person, as well as begin a one-on-one relationship with us.

Step: 4

After your campaign is finalized, allow 48 hours for us to create your campaign page. We will then send you a link to your campaign.

Step: 5

spread the word! Tell your community about your campaign in order to get your items sold.

Step: 6

Once the campaign ends and at least 24 shirts have been sold, we will print your shirts, fulfill the orders, and send you a check!