Youth Studio: Make Your Own Book!

from 30.00

Thursday, June 15 from 12-2pm, ages 8-12

Create and bind your own personalized book for drawing or writing!

In this workshop, students will create their own small book with blank pages inside. Each student will select an illustration block or letter of wood type from our collection to decorate their cover; they will then set up, ink, and print their chosen block onto their cover paper using the flatbed letterpress. We will finish the cover by dusting the image with virkotype powder (a pine resin) and heating it to create a dry, glossy, 3-D effect. Students will then be guided through binding their cover and blank drawing paper into a book.

Students will leave with a beautiful hand-bound book they can fill with poems, drawings, recipes, song lyrics, a journal...  As well as the skills and knowledge to continue making books at home!

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Additional Info


  • All materials will be provided: heavyweight cover paper, lightweight drawing paper, letterpress blocks, rubber-based inks, virkotype powder, binding cord and tools.

Additional Info: 

Students will be using permanent rubber-based inks, so please wear clothes that can get dirty!

We will be using antique letterpress blocks; while we will not be using lead type, these blocks have been used around lead type and there is some possibility of lead exposure. Students must be capable of following directions to keep hands out of their mouths (and noses!), and to wash hands when instructed. We will also be working with sharp tools (awl, needle) when binding, so students should be able to follow directions to avoid harming themselves, other students, or equipment.

Instructors for this workshop are Sarah Conklin and Rachel Lackey. If you have any questions or concerns about this workshop, please contact Sarah at: