Field Trips

We can accommodate up to 10 students at a time, or split a larger group into two groups, touring one around Lowe Mill while the others print. Each session may take 2-3 hours, depending upon the project.

We have broken down our screen printing field trips into the 3 packages outlined below:

  1. $20 per person: A single 1-color design for entire group. Participants may bring up to two items each to print.
  2. $30 per person: Submit up to 6 1-color designs for group. Participants may bring a single item and choose up to 3 designs to print in layers on each item.
  3. $40 per person: Each participant creates individual 1-color design and may bring up to 4 items to print.

For the first two packages, we will demonstrate and explain all of the steps for the entire process. We will have the image screens ready, and students will print their own t-shirts (or other items). For the third package, students will pair up to expose their own screens, then set them up on the press and print their individual image on their own items.

For letterpress field trips, we cover some of the history of the printing press, explain and demonstrate the process, terms, and materials used to create a print from beginning to end, and allow each participant to make a couple of prints by loading the paper and turning the flywheel by hand. We usually print a postcard, stationary, or mini-poster for a keepsake, and we can collaborate with you for the text or theme. (The press will be set ahead of time, as the setup can sometimes take hours.) We supply rubber stamps and other materials for participants to embellish and personalize after printing if they wish, and to keep students from getting antsy while waiting for the rest to finish. We typically charge $15 per person for the letterpress, with a minimum of $100 (to cover the labor spent setting the press).