Shut Up and Dance

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"Shut Up and Dance" t-shirts designed and printed by dynamic father-daughter duo, Martin and Elianna.

Screen printed by hand in blue/green blend on black or white ultra-soft ringspun cotton unisex tees.

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Martin and Elianna wanted to make a poster of the lyrics from the song they liked, but since we don't have large wood type in the printshop, they had to get extra creative. They hand-set the text using our largest metal poster type (1" tall letters), printed a proof on the letterpress in black ink, then scanned the print and enlarged it on the computer. From that digital file, they were able to print a transparency to create a screen, then screen print the posters. Elianna chose ink colors she liked and they combined them on the screen to create a cool rainbow-like print. They decided to print shirts too after they got so many requests!