256 Poster

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This poster was created for the Travel by Screen series organized by Sally Centigrade Gallery in Denver, Colorado. For the series, 51 screen printers were chosen, one from each state + Washington DC, each making a screen print themed/inspired by an area code in their state. 

Our poster represents some of the attractions located within the 256 area code, including Muscle Shoals recording studios, the Saturn V rocket in Huntsville, the scenic Appalachian foothills, our vast and varied natural features (caves, forests, waterfalls, lakes), cotton, and the Talladega Speedway. The design resembles a telephone keypad, highlighting the spots for the numbers "2-5-6."

Screen printed by hand in shades of gray and green with water-based inks on French Co. Recycled White 100lb cover poster paper, 17.5" x 12.5." 

The design and printing was a collaborative effort among artists Rachel Lackey, Martin Blanco, Aoife McDonnell and Allen Hutchinson.

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