Job Description: Shop Keeper

Position Type: Part Time (25 hours per week average, more during holiday season)

Location: The Pea Pod, Studio 111 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

The ideal candidate is a creative and organized self-starter with a positive attitude who enjoys interacting with the public. Retail and customer service experience are a must. Our Shop Keeper should also have an understanding and appreciation for printmaking methods and media, with hands-on experience preferred. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Daily opening and closing duties

  • Greeting customers, offering assistance and information about products

  • Ringing up and recording sales and processing payments

  • Entering sales receipts in QuickBooks

  • Maintaining storefront, including cleaning, merchandising, and rotating displays

  • Receiving, tagging, and putting out new items for sale

  • Creating new items in both QuickBooks and Squarespace

  • Managing inventory via Squarespace Commerce

  • Contacting customers for in-store pickups

  • Communicating with management to ensure the shop continues to run smoothly

Preferred Skills:

  • QuickBooks
  • Squarespace
  • Square POS
  • Merchandising

Regular Hours:

  • Wednesday 11:45-6pm
  • Thursday 11:45-6pm
  • Friday 12-8pm
  • Saturday 10:45-4:30pm

Holiday Hours (Nov. 24-Dec. 23): (We should have seasonal help at this time to cover some hours)

  • Tuesday 11am-6pm
  • Wednesday 11am-6pm
  • Thursday 11am-6pm
  • Friday 12pm-8pm
  • Saturday 10am-6pm