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Some Questions...

Q: Do I need to go to Green Pea Press to start a campaign?
A: No, you can begin a campaign here. However, once you begin your campaign, we like have you to come in and talk to us about your design, shirt colors, and campaign process. If you're not local to Huntsville, we can work out the details over the phone/email instead.

Q: Will any design I submit be printed?

A: We reserve the right to refuse designs. We will approve your design first. 

Q: I cannot find my friend’s campaign. Where is it?
A: You can find all current campaigns here.

Q: How much of the profit of the shirts am I receiving?
A: It depends on how much you decide to charge for your shirts. We require a fee for the ordering and printing of the shirts depending upon how many colors are in the design.

Q: How much is the fee for the shirts?
A: We charge the following for basic tees:
    1-color design: $8.82 per shirt
    2-color design: $11.82 per shirt
    3-color design: $14.82 per shirt
    4-color design: $17.82 per shirt
(Prices are based on number of ink colors, not shirt color)

Q: I don't know how to design anything on the computer, but still want to start a campaign. Does Green Pea do graphic design?
A: Yes, we can design it for you. If you give us your ideas or mock ups, we can work with you and design an image. We charge $60 an hour, with one hour minimum fee for graphic design.

Q: How many colors will be printed on the t-shirts?
A: That depends upon the design. Some designs only require one color and some require more. Talk to us about the best option for your design.

Q: Will my design for my campaign only come in one shirt color?
A: We will print your design on up to four different t-shirt colors per campaign.

Q: How many colors can I have in my design?
A: We will print up to four ink colors.

Q: Will my campaign only be available in short sleeve t-shirts?
A: No, you can choose a variety of options, from short sleeves to long sleeves, mugs, and toddler tees. When you come to the shop to finalize your campaign, we will show you all the options available.

Q: Will my shirts have the Green Pea Press logo or design on them?
A: The sizing/care tags inside the shirts will contain our logo, but we will not print our logo on the outside of your shirts.

Q: Will Green Pea Press tell others about my campaign (through social media or word of mouth)?
A: While the campaign will be available on our website for visitors to browse, you are responsible for promoting sales and marketing the shirts in your campaign.

Q: How many shirts do I need to sell to fulfill a campaign?
A: You need to sell a minimum of 24 shirts to fulfill a campaign.

Q: How long will it take to print the t-shirts?
A: The day after the campaign ends, we will order and print the shirts. This will take about five business days.

Q: What if I sell more than 24 shirts? Will Green Pea only print 24 or will they print all that I sold?
A: We will print all the shirts that are sold, as long as the minimum of 24 has been reached.

Q: Does Green Pea Press order the shirts when I begin the campaign?
A: No, we will order the shirts once the campaign has ended, as long as the minimum of 24 items have been sold.

Q: If I do not sell all of my 24 shirts, will Green Pea Press still print my shirts?
A: No. If you do not sell 24 shirts, we will consider the campaign unfulfilled and will not print the shirts. This is why it is important to tell your friends and family about your campaign.

Q: If I see my 24 shirts will not be sold before the campaign ends, can I stop my campaign and start a new one?
A: You cannot cancel a campaign unless zero shirts have been sold.

Q: Can I come and watch my shirts being printed?
A: We love visitors and would be happy for you to come watch your shirts being printed. However, there are days we are very busy and may have limited space.

Q: What if I want to extend my campaign?
A: You can extend your campaign. We will charge a $20 extension fee.

Q: What if I change my mind and do not want to sell shirts anymore?
A: Once the campaign is launched, it can only be canceled if no shirts have been sold yet.

Q: I ordered a shirt from a campaign. Will the seller/campaigner deliver or mail me the order I purchased from the campaign?
A: If you selected In-Store Pickup, you may pick up your order at our retail shop, the Pea Pod, Studio 111 at Lowe Mill once the order has been marked Fulfilled. If you select for your order to be shipped, we will ship as soon as it is printed, and mark the order as Fulfilled; you will receive a tracking number at that time.

Q: Will you mail my order?
A: Yes! Our shipping rates are $5 for the first item, $2 for each additional item. Once the campaign ends, we require 5 business days to order and print the shirts. Please allow 5-7 business days after the processing period for receiving your shirt.

Q: I am a customer ordering a shirt from a friend, but I do not like the colors in the design or the t-shirt colors. Can I change them?
A: No, the design and shirt colors are the campaigner's choosing and cannot be changed.

Q: The campaign I am ordering from only has short sleeve shirts, but I am a customer and want a long sleeve shirt. Can I order a long sleeve shirt?
A: No, the campaigner decides what he/she wants to sell. If its not available in the options, then it's not available for purchase.

All campaigns are individual, therefore, all information above is subject to change based upon unexpected circumstances.