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Spin in Public- Sparkle Studio


SPARKLE Studio and The Foldout Cat are happy to introduce the swag for Huntsville SPIN in Public Day 2019. We love the adorable alpaca created for us by Jen Daley, available on several different t-shirt styles and on a tote bag. You know you are going to want both a t-shirt and a tote bag to remember all the fun of this year’s event taking place on Saturday, September 21.

NOTE: All swag is pre-order only. We must receive orders for a minimum of 24 items in total in order for the campaign to print.

T-shirts will be printed in white ink with a vintage wash so they remain nice and soft. Tote bags will be printed in black ink.
Link to event information and to reserve your free ticket: https://www.facebook.com/events/566886877133763/
We can’t wait to see you there! Amy, Nharah, and Liza

When choosing the bag please also choose bag in the size selection as well.

*In Store Pickup means that items may be picked up at THE SPARKLE STUDIO IN LOWE MILL.

This campaign ends September 22nd .

In order for Green Pea Press campaigns to be fulfilled, a total of 24 per design must be purchased. If 24 Items are not sold, we will cancel and refund any existing orders.

This is a pre-order only. When the order period is over on September 22nd orders will be processed.

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