Farewell to Baxter

So I realize the blog posts have mostly been about employees, and I'll move beyond that, I promise! But for now, we just want to give them their due--most notably at this time, our first and longest-running employee, Baxter Stults.

Baxter has been such an integral part of GPP over the past two years, during the time we really got off and running. He entered quietly, as a shy undergrad from UAH wanting to intern for hands-on experience in a working printshop. Within a few weeks, we were hired by a company in New York to print t-shirts on site at the Hangout Music Fest--and we needed workers! He agreed to come with us for the weekend on his first paid gig, and spent the first night tirelessly screen printing hashtags on the back of 700 shirts until 3am with Martin. That's when we knew he was a keeper, though we'd already suspected...


Since then, he's printed thousands of t-shirt orders--in fact, if you ordered from us in the past couple of years, he probably printed it. He is also the creator behind some of the most popular designs we carry for sale (pictured below, in a gallery capturing the true essence of Baxterness).

But he is also an artist in his own right, with an incredible body of work that has taken him to the Masters program for Printmaking at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, ranked the second best printmaking program in the nation (and he was accepted to several!). We couldn't be more proud, and look forward to seeing where he goes from here.