Spring: Growth and Changes

I was feeling pretty guilty about not having made any blog posts since January, until I started looking at other print shop blogs and saw most hadn't posted since last fall or winter. I guess sometimes comparison isn't always the thief of joy...

We've been using the slower season to catch our collective breath, plotting--er, planning out the busy season to come with our stellar team, although we recently bid a bittersweet farewell to one...

Our store keeper/receptionist/graphic designer extraordinaire, Katie Calvert, recently passed the torch at the end of March; she and her husband, Marty, are traveling to China to adopt their long-awaited son, Silas! Katie was instrumental in developing this multi-faceted position she leaves behind, and has been an absolute delight for our staff, clients and customers to work with every step of the way. Her talent, dedication, and infinitely positive energy will be missed greatly, though we can't help but to be overwhelmed with happiness for her and her newly expanded family!

We have also welcomed two new employees: Sabrina Crarey, who is taking over Katie's position, and Phillip Bajoras, who has joined Baxter and Andrea in production screen printing.

Sabrina is a talented artist and graphic designer (check out her website) with a B.S. in Character Animation and an A.S. in Graphic Design from Southern Adventist University. She has been a perfect fit, with her outgoing personality and great sense of humor, not to mention a smile that lights up the room. She's been involved with GPP here and there over the past few years, so we were delighted she resurfaced just as Katie was wrapping things up.

Phillip is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University with a BFA in graphic design and background in printmaking; you may have seen him selling posters and prints at the Flying Monkey Artist Market on Saturdays. (Check out his website.) He's a bit more reserved, but not shy, always ready to make easy conversation. He's been doing a great job tackling the infinite task of screen printing Piper & Leaf tea bags.

We're excited to see where this year will take us, and grateful to have such an amazing crew of people helping us get there.